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Raphael Schule en Athens


Let us join in learning about areas of human development, comments on affairs of the day and questions that may interest.

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Some comments, as well as throughout this entire site, may be rather irritating and of a  provocatively intellectual nature and is done intentionally--so beware narrow-minded cretins! The first item in Interesting Views has far reaching and interesting implications. There are some new entries regarding Trisection of angles,  and items 3, 7, and 8. Please read them and if you are interested in expressing an idea about them or any other item, give it a try at rebuttal.

Harv Sez: 


roberta watson was her name

like robin, too soon

she starred on the well travelled stage

and is not forgotten

well formed of face and limb

her beauty did not fade

'til that day

for her many tears were shed

Recently, an article was published (

From hunting grounds to athletic fields to trading floors, men moving together in packs, and sometimes alone, are typically engaged in what anthropologists term "male status competition." And their levels of testosterone -- the hallmark hormone of maleness -- tend to rise accordingly.)   Yet  the article did not relate it to a war situation nor mob behaviour.  In war, after winning a battle, the male's sympathetic system tries to achieve homeostasis and over shoots equilibrium which kicks in the parasympathetic system.  So far it matches the behaviour of a male returning from the game hunt and reaching home with his dead deer or whatever--see above this lovey-dovey situation.  All well and good, but in war and mob behaviour with no lover or mate around, the parasympathetic system helps produce oxytocin and erections.  Now what does this war man or mob member do?  He needs to have his sexual energy released.   Result is rape, sodomy, masturbation or homosexual behaviour.  Normaly (?) he wants a human female.  Rape!  This can happen when a couple argue physically.    Do law-makers and judges know this?  I leave that with you.        

Recently, a science newsletter contained the headline:              


Well, the male brain wiring, which starts at about 6 weeks age of the embryo/fetus wires its brain for the following evolutionary successful traits:  In female selection a good set of hips for fewer birthing problems, a smooth complexion as a health indicator, ample breast development to ensure healthful feeding of offspring,  a pleasant odour indicating disease free condition, among other things.  It seems that males are wired for being attractive (at least 90% of males--10% +/- are wired for homosexuality) to the sexual parts of females, but females are often (about 8% are Lesbian)  wired for other evolutionary successful characteristics--e.g. strong hands, broad shoulders (both mean good providers), etc.

Some females and many males THEREFORE like PORN.  Unfortunately and due to the vagaries of male and female hormone production in all fetuses, some perverts of both sexes can be found.  Are these variations born criminals--well, our criminal code says so in many cases?  Research into specific stem cells  may hold the answer to alter perverse cases.  Homosexuals and sex perverts are born that way.  Some are or close to being "switch-hitters" and may be controlled by psychological means.  There are, world-wide about SIX HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION HOMOSEXUALS AND LESBIANS.  It is therefore a NORMAL condition.  Ok, law-makers?


An evolutionary science article mentioned about Homo sapiens sapiens living in proximity with Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.  "Manot Cave in western Galilee" is the site in question.  They theorized that they interbred MAYBE.  Well, man, in his wanderings for new areas for settling and hunting and gathering grounds, also has sex on his mind.  If they come across a sweet-assed Neanderthal female he will not doff his hat, but he will check it out, and probably carry her to a spot for procreation.  In their R complex or Lizard brain (a.k.a. Reptilian) therein resides neural networks dedicated to reproduction.  Guess what, he will proceed to have sex?   It is guiltless in this Lizard brain, and therefore all is ok in love and war.  These hearts and flowers scientists only think it might happen.   Being smarter, the Cro-Magnons robbed the choice females and pushed the Neanderthals further and further northward.  The last and dumber Neanderthals either mated and joined the more intelligent Cro-Magnon communities, froze to death, starved or were killed off.  


Police States, Theocracies, and other dictatorships deprive their citizens of Human Rights of which there is very little doubt.  As a result, the metaphysical (reality) foundations of existence of their population are no longer relevant and Ethical decisions no longer count.  To wit, the strangulation of a black citizen of u-all land was perfectly legitimate according to a policeman interviewed by CNN.  Therefore, if human life extinction for selling cigarettes is allowed, then a new metanoia, or rebirth of individualism and Secular Statism of the Renaissance is gravely needed.  The world view, a new paradigm, must also change planet-wide.  

The recent "Radicalisation" processes must be assessed.  In the passage of laws, in many cases there are special and separate sets of laws for citizens and police, and in some cases for Aborigines.  These facts are a given.   But Radicalisation is a process and is therefore not digitised as laws are or attempt to be--the attempts often violate logic and internal cohesiveness.  It is incumbent on the citizenry to come to terms with these two very different subsets of controlling the behaviour of the masses.  The Radicals' minds are processors.  These minds are wired post partum by a belief system that has been and will not be changed in the several theocracies.  This psychological conflict brings about major homeostatic upheavals when confronting the Islamist world view against secular states' and terrorists' views.  Secular states have long been tolerant of most religions, but not so some theocratic Middle East states.

In the male mind-wiring, specialized say some, focus, and species preservation (related to ego-centrism), as well as aggression are noticeable.  In most males, the need for self-identity is very important (again related to ego and owning 'things' which includes women), is momentous.  He is the protector of family and goods. What the f does that mean?  Rhetorical question, but here that needs an answer.  Somewhere somehow in many youth and some high-testosteroned females, frustrations are present about being able to just do things, to protect, to own, to improve, to ennoble his very existence.  These frustrations lead, to some,  actions that seems to fulfill this need.  These needs are clarified by knowledge of past military glory in establishing Islam by the Prophet Mohammed and his army.  In spite of the extremism and well-nigh obtuse coercing, and the promise of martyrdom, the 7th heaven awards, resplendent conditions, imminent death, great risks (these last two are great for controlling the testosterone wired brain, and the like); these, now radicalized humans and brains, will follow blindly to the rules and orders of the " new drill sergeants"!  The semi-hypnotic suggestions of eliminating the unbelievers and 'people of the book' by their elimination ('burn in everlasting hellfire'--translation from the political pre-amble in Quaram) which is really anti-Islam.

Contained in the R-complex (Lizard Brain) are the following characteristics, some at least: bullying, flight or fight circuits, reproduction circuits, species preservation circuits, sex selection circuits, all forms of deception circuits--including camouflage and lying--feeding, following the leader circuits, balance and other homeostatic circuits.  Some of these play into the plans of the radicalizers' inculcations of and by the neo-boot camp sergeants and controllers.  Also, those brain areas that influence self-identity, self-confidence, pleasure centres, and ----located in the right temporal lobe.

These 2 preceding paragraphs start the essay on revolts by citizen protesting human rights violations.  The following are note taking that will become the semi-treatise on radicalisation.

The screwball politicos and armchair psychologists attack the in typical band-aid fashion.

Notes:  Testosterone; wiring of the brain in utero; post birth wiring and pruning; brain nurturing centre; 'someone is there'; self-identity; self-awareness; ego; self-confidence; loss of self--a new reality; ideals; religious perceptions; secular states; loss of religions central role;  Needs: a cause; a palpable leader; self-fulfillment; protect family, mates be a warrior, a conqueror, a sorcerer;  Conflict; Islamist Jihad vs secularism; psychic conflicts; wired political positions; denying of the old, brain-wired ways to become and have and be a sorcerer (hey, to be a mature psychically healthy and wise individual) and become tolerant, liberal with human ideals.  The new Islamic individual must join the society he is in as a member, or look elsewhere for self-actualisation.   MORE to come ... .

The hormone testosterone not only plays a role in aggression, but also in growth, repair and focus.  Males, on the average possess about 20 times the production of testosterone than that of females (some females also produce 10, 20 and higher than the average female).  Because the radicalisation occurs most often in teens and 20s, the effect on radicalisation is intensified by the high levels.   During the in utero development of the fertilised ovum at about 45 days, the brain is being wired under the influence of sex hormones.  At this time sequence, the microscopic adrenal gland is producing a hormone complex that includes androstones and estradiols, male and female hormones.  In a male fetus, the brain begins to alter or specialise the foetal brain.  About 7 months later a male child is born.  That is why boys are behind girls in many ways; the boys only catch up in IQ at about 17 or 18 years of age; BUT not in social conscience until about 25!  ... later for more ...

 Political Junk;

The PM of GB warns of a world-wide recession.  He the EU and a few others are at fault for punishing Russia with economic sanctions including the laughable caviar.  The control of much European gas and some oil is in the hands of Russia.  Talk about shooting oneself in the foot; well, dummy, you knee-capped yourself!  Parts of Ukraine belonged to Russia, and you and other dipsticks carved it away from Russia without permission when the USSR collapsed.  So, eat cold turkey!

Police Statism:


Ozzy, the Russian Grey
and tears came to my eyes
and my breast pained
and my throat tightened
stifled a cry
I visualized
while you were
leaving him
and you disappeared

his stare lingered

peeking through the window

almost frightened to be
a heart beats for him


The poem following is by an Homo sapiens sapiens exhibiting the abstractions of imagination found only in Homo species and to its highest degree in Homo sapiens sapiens.

The poem following is by an Homo sapiens sapiens exhibiting the abstractions of imagination found only in Homo species and to its highest degree in Homo sapiens sapiens.


~~~ rm

Harv Sez:

The other side grew too long so comments will be here until I correct other side for typos and stuff.

I must clarify some comments like The screwball Math genius who said that the Big Bang originated from a mathematical point.  That theoretical point is infinitely small, that is, it was aiming for zero which is impossible.   Do the math!  No such point exists, it is a theoretical.  Hawking claims it is a sphere with a rough surface which is correct, but this sphere does not contain all matter.  Some of the pure energy and mass were still thundering toward this rough surfaced orb when the BB occurred.  This simply means that the BB (Big Bang) blew up before all the mass, light and energy had not entered the orb.  These entities were blown out along with the contents of the orb.  That math turd got lost in a surd, and absurdity.  He lost existence somewhere along the way--one less travelled?

You may communicate with at:


You may also visit www.musepoetry.com The site is undergoing updating by a Nerd ^5 who is taking forever, so be patient. 

The Booklet page will give explanations about HOMOSEXUALITY, CULTS and RAPE DURING WAR that are surprising and alarming.  Cults and Rape are yet to be published.  I will add male-female relationship problems later.  

Harv Sez 2

A fukked country in the Middle East claims there are no homosexuals in their country, another in Central Africa recently passed a law against Homosexuality, which was rejected by its supreme court (because of international pressure?).  These moves and claims render the claimers as dumb as one can get.  About 10 per cent of the world's population, or roughly 720,000,000 ARE homosexual.  Homosexuality occurs in utero (in the uterus) during foetal development.  Because the foetal development is not digital but is a process, these developments are not absolutes but are processes that vary widely--see my explanations elsewhere.   Therefore homosexuality is not absolute, and in itself, varies in degree.  That means the degree of homosexuality varies.    That means no one is completely heterosexual or homosexual.  Hey, that means some are switch-hitters.  FYI 0% and 100% are well nigh impossible in processes and processors. The vagaries of amounts of androgens and estrogens present during the 6 to 8 weeks of foetal development can cause the foetal brain to be wired differently than the sex hormones dictate (?).  VARIATIONS of the amount of hetero- and homo-sexual behaviours do occur.  Also some phenotypical events (physical appearances and behaviours) do occur.

Today, In Victoria, I saw a young woman about 17 wearing high heels.  Knees bent, butt stuck out, leaning forward and scuffing her shoes flat-footedly.   To walk properly nowadays with the habit of wearing a back-pack is a hard thing to do. 

Stand still and erect at first.   Then step forward say with the left foot and with a slight bend at the knee and near the end of the step, kick slightly forward, lift up the toes a bit and put the heel on the floor.  Then roll forward onto the ball of the foot.  As this happens, with the ball and toes of the rear foot, force the body forward.  Do this while keeping the body erect As it passes the forward leg, and is about to pass the first foot, roll the first foot onto the toes and propel the body forward from the toes.   Repeat these actions.  Next is posture.  Pull the chin in slightly, try to make your neck longer at the back. Raise both arms forward, then upward keeping your eyes to the front.  Now lower the hands and arms straight to the side.   Then lower the arms with shoulders back and chest forward a bit.  Move the hips forward a bit with the foot pressure on the floor mostly on the ball (metatarsal pad)  of the foot and toes. The outside of the foot and heels should bear about 25% of the body and the ball and toes the rest.  The lean forward slightly and take the first step.  Next, by what is called "opposition control", begin swinging the opposite arm to the first step.  Keep this up, but do it rhythmically.   --later; I gotta do stuff

An human commented on my poetry, another on my comments on homosexuality.  From the comments, I would gather that a certain writer may be a red-neck, small 'c' conservative, reactionary, Texan or Albertan homophobe, and the former, a cretin devoid of abstract cogitation and artistic recognition. 

A THEORY on the ORIGINS of CRIMINALITY: The antecedent forces that formed modern criminality are rooted in the past, so far in the past that it is startling. 

To begin:

Some years ago, in Winnipeg, a friend of mine, who was for a quite some time a constable in the Winnipeg police force. He left the force because there were always new criminals arising each year and all the police forces could not stop this incoming tide filled with crime, criminals and potential jailbirds.  His name was Joe.  Joe never answered the oft posed question of why is there an influx each year.  In fact, Joe never thought much about it.  It was just there.  He left the force at retirement eligibility not having resolved why there seemed to, be somehow hidden, lurking with a latent capacity for anti-social behaviour.  In fact, it could be argued that criminality lurked in the hidden recesses of mankind's brains.  It is, a characteristic of part of the Tri-partite brain described by P. MacLean--see references.  That part is the Reptilian or Lizard Brain.  I prefer Lizard because that describes that organ more ominously and truthfully.

Here is the answer.  Let us go back in time, back to before humans arrived on the evolutionary scene.

PLEASE GO TO THE TAB 'Criminality' for the explanation.

 A Theory on the Origin Of Religions

 On the evolutionary scheme of things and before the start of  consciousness and before the pre-mammalian eons of time.  This reactionary lizard brain; only slightly more advanced than an insect brain, was a victim to the forces of nature.  The totality of many cataclysmic and even gentle natural events were part of the factors aiding and changing various nervous system characteristics.  Not only Plantae reacted to these forces, but viroids and Protista did too; many had mobility to help deal with the treacheries and vagaries of nature. The the rapidly changing environments of seas, oceans, lakes and streams gave the inhabitants therein a greater opportunity to evolve at a far greater rate than those being land dwellers. Having mobility, as did some of the bacteria, the Animalia reacted by moving to new areas, all the while genetic and chromosomal mutations occurred.  Water environments with the organisms easily moving to new niches more easily evolved more rapidly.  In new sea areas the fauna and flora more easily adapted. During the beginning of evolving to different sorts, the animals' nervous systems adapted to the stresses that nature imposed.


  Revelations on Mind Control

 During the time Marshall Mcluhan spent formulating his theory, he realized that the rhetoricians were themselves  one of the media that  twisted truth and facts.  Their, the rhetoricians', predications were based on controlling the minds and actions of their audiences.  These speeches carried few facts, but many prevarications.  This behavioural change (namely believing the rhetoricians) in the easily duped audiences led to  ...


Scream at the Present


The chaos in the world created by blatant multi-national companies, with its attendant claim of American Democracy make me wanna puke:

 Ancient Greece, the originator of democracy (a.k.a. mob rule), also had a very needed slave class (class?  geezz, I am puking).  [communism without theocracy; that too makes me shudder--is there a 'golden mean?] Well, that is a given:  therefore to claim democracy means that there is a slave class, actually there were 7 classes.  The top two were the bookkeepers, then the house managers.  Following were professors, teachers, artisans and geniuses--play toys of the elected law makers, police, soldiers and labourers, etc..  There is, world wide, a slave class in each country.  For example, the EU has millions of people who are fairly well fed, clothed and have a roof over their heads.  But they just get by and make enough wages to cover their expenses.  But, many more are poor, very poor and destitute.  Many have to be on Social Assistance to survive, some have less and die.  These humans are the new Slave Classes!  But they are not owned, but are controlled by the multi-nationals, gov'ts. theocracies, dictatorships and Americanishly (this is a neologism!) democratized countries.  These creeps control businesses, land ownership, money supply, hiring and firing, lay-offs, wages (hahahahah), housing, laws (definitely for self-protection) favouring the power elite, medicine, hospitals, old folks homes, theatres, transportation, jails, sentencing (hard on crime directed at the poor), air travel and so on.  How are they gonna control ISIS and Theocracies?  The soldiers are their war tools--well-fed and well-indoctrinated. Theocracies were stripped of much of their power because they became too rich, powerful, too hard to control, and greedy for the political, business and intellectual elite.

Robin Williams: a tribute ...

A tear falls
a heart murmurs
a heart aches
the hole in my soul
will not go 
a loved one


a bright comet moved

slowly across the nighttime sky

new to the heavens

it will not pass again

lost to earth

left it dimmed

lost to earth

human life was dark that day




Iran wants more dummies--it has outlawed vasectomies--IQ of offspring recedes as number of siblings increase (on average).   You idiot, you rank alongside a bunch of Lizard-brained cretins that say homosexuality is a choice.  Geez, it, homosexuality, is a normal condition and has been observed in 52 different mammals--it has to be present in all creatures where sexual dimorphism exists, u dummies!  Further, there are about 700,000,000 homosexuals.  It is a normal condition; now smarten up.

Harv Sez -The present state of world affairs contains so much lying, murdering, acting with extremism and religious fanaticism, mayhem and the like that I wanna puke!  Also citizen spies are afoot--thanks  originators of all spying on all emails and predecessor gov't pliks.

Some examples are: 1(d)  A recent TV science program wanted to enlighten the public about the Big Bang, claiming it came from a "mathematical 'pin-point'".  Well, this lame brain is out-of-date.  Hawking, a decade or more ago, stated it, the BB, came from a rough surfaced sphere.  I say to this NUTTER, "Read Hawking and dummy up on your Logic.  Here's a hint, u dummy, only matter exists and it, existence, is in any of five forms: pure energy, plasma, liquid, solid or as a gas.  E=MC2 provides you with the good clue.  Further, the face of this rough-surfaced sphere is an example of chaos, but oxymoron-like it has a pattern of fractal-like texture--because the thundering of matter was a process and therefore not digitised.  Any more explanation, read, please, read! :-) Oh, non-existence does not exist, therefore there are no spirits floating around and are IMAGINARY!!  A.k.a. figments of the imagination.

1(CCC) Recently a math genius contemplated the god concept as not being particularly influenced by extreme external forces in Nature.  He then went off on his own way.  Well, the knucklehead missed a major point.  That point is the evolutionary influence internally as well; namely the brain wiring variations occur over time--several hundred million years, no less!   Evolutionary forces are predicated on genetic variation--a given.  Yes, and those flora and fauna that had survival variations in genes survived minisculely.  Over time the brain wiring (in fauna, was also altered to include the avoidance response--light, etc. (flight or fight syndrome, etc. in fauna).  Eventually, as the brain developed, the wiring caused the paleomammalian brain to produce the memory and emotional characteristics to develop (Limbic System or paleo-mammalian brain).  Along with that the power of thought developed at its most incipient stage.  Eons later, the neomammalian emerged where the idea of self arose as well as the capacity to think, imagine and plan (Pre-Frontal Cortex stuff).  Well, the brain evolved over hundreds of million years (thru to the paleo-mammalian brain stage and later in the expanding Neo-Mammalian brain).  Gradually, the concept of Mother Nature's many forces had a source in the brain wiring--through epigenesis, gene penetrance, gene change, chromosomal and gene mutation--and faulty repairing of the genetic code.  These are the normal events that the dipstick Math Genius above glossed over.  Three hundred ten MBP (Million years Before Present), the various land reptiles could not think, but did react to these forces much like an insect which included self-preservation responses.  Later the advanced reptiles began developing (circa 250 MBP or evolving a new brain, the paleo-mammalian brain where this brain, called also The Limbic System, monitored the R-complex or LIZARD  brain or again, the reptilian brain.  At this stage, with the capacity to think a wee bit, the neo-reptiles developed avoidance strategies.  With more evolution over time, the concept of there being an agent that caused the destructive, probably firstly,  and of the constructive forces (like growth--duh!) of Mother Nature.  Well, through Therapsids (a line that became extinct or declined markedly), an attempt was made at producing milk.  Later, about forty million years later there were pre-mammalians with a more advanced paleo-mammalian brain--evolution at work here.  The first true mammals arose about 160 MBP--one source claims 162 MBP--geezz, gimme a break!  About 10 MBP the first ape-like creature arose in northern Africa where Egypt is today.  This quadruped had a neo-mammalian brain more advanced than previous species, but it still had miles to go before the Homo sp. brain evolved.  The 10 million rear old species had a generalized pre-ape shape.   However, with a better brain, neo-mammalian, it could visualise better and later evolved into pre-apes, then apes, then Australopithecines.  Much later, came Homo habilis about 2.7--3.0 MBP.  With the everincreasing cranial capacity, came a higher level of cognition.  Grunts, groans, oohs, aaahs, turned into the same grunts for the same thing, uguggaboougga meant a nice ripe female and uguggaboobam meant the hidden force behind a storm (sorry gals that is a metaphor that speech was developing and  jaw shape was also changing, etc., (think here all, including dummy math guy above).  All this required additional wiring of brain tissue.  Well, what does all this mean?  It means through evolution, organisms change (most proved biological fact). So, including a bump of cognition and brain size 10 times above normal rates in mammalian pre-history, modern ape forms arose.    Let us go back to the period of about 15 BBP to until about 5 BBP.  During this time frame, the basic chemicals for the beginning of life came from the early stars and planets' atmospheric arrays of evolved atoms and molecules.  These were swirling particles of various sizes rotating about stars and planets.  These same chemicals are still being produced and swirling around in all galaxies, planets, comets, stars and other shit to this day.  Got that?  Now chaos is the state of matter (all five states) in the Big Bang--the first?  From those five states mass occurs and so the evolution of matter on earth began with the ACCIDENTAL proximity of chemicals that would form RNA.  From RNA emerged various forms of RNA, from this mass emerged, accidentally again, DNA.  Some charactistics of molecules (already evolved in billions of galaxies) include developing a 'skin' about groups of like-molecules---oh, how cozy).  This means that the chemicals were existent throughout the Universe starting about 13-14 BBP.  Therefore were in Earth's nebulous stage.  This fact is a given, therefore enough of 'mysterious source of life molecules'.  They, the building block molecules, were present from early on after the Big Bang.,

1(CC)  It has been noticed that the Social Media are really anti--:  war, rape, kidnapping and economic greed.  It is a truism to the intellectual elite (but unkown or ignored by ultra-conservatives, religists, politicos, and religist fukkeds) that the building blocks of the success of Homo sapiens sapiens are love, bond, care, hope, developing speech, occupying nearly all lands, and forming clans.   If these fundamental items are ignored, then the very world itself may well be in danger of destruction.  The recent blockhead demand by some twit from the British Isles wanting to change the site of the next world cup from Russia to another "properly" monetised state is downright insulting to all peoples.  This cretin is violating a fundamental rule of overtly staying out of all sports and art forms.  Whatta' dumb example to children and intelligent people!  Cure: listen to social media majorities.  Now another Brit Blockhead wants to attack Russia through the banks,  that dummy does not know that the whole Ukraine affair was about economics and the bank powers, so he is a Johnny-come-lately.  He is a stupid as Blair and Bush put together with their UN declared illegal war.   Geeezz, the news is oh so noble about so-called evil Israeli atrocities, but seldom the Hamas's.  But then extremism attracts viewers and readers; therefore money from ads and questionable facts about Russia roll in, so keep up your slanted news and suckered reporters, your jobs are secured.  The Hamas is not an open society, but underground, secretive and mole-like--pun intended--cabal.  Spend time and money on a vaccine for Ebola, and the sufferers of disease--like the Ebola--ridden West-Africa.  You blockheads are not following human (Homo sapiens sapiens) characteristics, but those of your lizard brain past which goes back circa 310 MBP!

1(c) When one views or listens to the crappola on these media, one cannot help but conclude these media are part of the twisted social media as well as  their having embedded suggestions to believe the misinformation.  Such statements as The War Room, The Situation Chamber and the like make me want to vomit.   There is so much Subjunctive Mood and Conditional Statements where intense speculations become the norm.  In other words, they are not of the real world.  These media follow the gov't/Media Mogul's line of controlled info.  The rapid of TV colour changes and eye-catching movements are designed to get the audience into the alpha or semi-hypnotic state.  In the alpha state, the viewer often drifts into a suggestive state whereby the money greedy slaps in suggestive ads to suck money out of more and more of the audience.  Guess what!  These entitties (sp. intentional) control content and surreptitiously slant the real facts and blames to selected 'enemies' of the state and mogulomaniacs!  Who shot down or planted bomb aboard the plane over the Ukraine?  It may have been nato, or a member thereof, but one does not see those suggested, only the enemies of the other monetised nations are.  Only the associationally related enemies of nato are included.  Where were the NATO DDs when the Rwandan massacre happened.  There were 800,000 deaths and not much MEDIA coverage.  Ask yourself why.  It, the Ukraine fiasco, lies in the threat of the loss of 40 million or more monitised citizens of Ukraine, and therefore to the benefit not of Russia but to the Brits and EU, etc.  Go figure!  Another one:.  The UN declared the Iraqi war as illegal.  Here, about 2-300,000 Iraqis were killed and a cuppla million DPs.  Where is the public outcry about those?  Duh!  The monetised nations leaders, claimed to reeelly really believe that Saddham had weapons of mass destruction, but UN Observers found none.  After the political murder of Hussain, the Greedy Moguls made bids on stealing Iraqi oil.   Altho Iraq has water, they should have harvested water for the food locker of the world San F. Valley.  The top 5 or 6 greedy bidders were several of the monetised nations.  Get it, u dummies?  All that stuff above can only lead to the conclusion of gaining or losing economic wealth is the aim.  

1bbb) It has been said that democracy is a form of mob rule.  Now it seems in the U-All House that the Teehee Party Rednecks have placed a Solar plexus jab into the Mob-Ruled House by defeeting the House Leader of leading the nation's poor deeper into a poverty house and hisself (nice Redneck lingo, eh?) into political obscurity.  The Dems. are really enjoying a surge in jobs and the demise of the Mob.   1bb)  My Nerd tells me that someone is inspecting my site--CIA mebee?    After all, I did Mention SNOWDEN, ok paranoid spy agencies?  Hope u turds learn sumpin'!  1b)  Good on N.B. police for making a peaceful arrest of claimed killer of 3 police victims; and the oft forgot wounded victims and families thereof.  Which reminds me,  are police, spies, or Literati infiltrating my site, or could it be psych majors looking for hints to research and help with essays and theses or GREs?  Please be advised that this site and its content is copyrighted.  If you get an idea from here that is ok, but, please research thoroughly.  If you find an error in my stuff, please advise.  I do find errors occasionally--one was on my site for a coupla' years--about the matter that does not funnel into Black Holes--tsk, tsk, mea culpa (or did I leave a typo there in hopes someone would spot that egregious error?).

1aaaaa)  Recently, some N.L. educators are sending wimmin students home for being too revealing, yet teach about The Holocaust, atom bombing and killing 100s of thousands with relative ease.  A note here,  from about 600,000 years ago when Homo sapiens emerged from H. erectus, small groups were led by 18 to 25 y.o. males.  Further, estrus in females started at menstruation and concupiscence in males  started when semen production began.   There was uncontrollable sex agoin' on.   The female estrus and male concupiscence continues to this day.  How a few bra straps merit expulsion from class is laughable.  Laughable because it is a cultural statement of the future--these students are forming their identity and persona which means you blockheads are putting up roadblocks to their emotional maturation.  Namely, the present cultural mores are anti-human, the right of expression is both Art and a demand for change from the sexual strictures of the society at large, and a demand to have freer societal norms. Look at Movies and TV as well as much social media (include news broadcasts as social media) for porno at various (don't forget the old catalogues of the 1880s to 1960s, granny) stages.  Clothes gave the skin an extension for protection has now become evil--a bra strap evil???  Clothes are also a societal statement, you flop-headed Flappers of the Charleston era, geeezz, sumpin' is really goin' on that boggles the mind.  The bra strap exposure is as symbolic as the bra-burners of the 60s.  It exemplifies change--the only real constant in the Universe (Einstein). Is bra strap, butt delineation and phallic bulge exposure worse than sending in troops and planes to help Ukraine to kill?  Get a life N.L. educators.  A question, are some Lesbian educators or impotent ultra-conservative male educators et al over-reacting and jealous of these young beauties in their classrooms?  Are these educators reacting too much--please, readers, research Reactive Personalities and emphasise how much these are present in most dysfunctional families, not to mention the very right wing conservatives, ok? What outrage.  Hint: groups and countries do have personalities (USA has a Narcissistic type personality). Look what happened to the Charleston, the Boogie Woogie and the Bebop--get a life and leave the Lizard Brain quest for Uniformity and authoritised bullying behind and change for the future and better mental health.  These past eras led to social and political change, ok?  More importantly, it led to self-expression, self-identity, self-confidence and maturity in a world of the past and bankrupt ideas--hmm, whatever happened to the freedom of speech movement of stopping racism, the Vietnam War, and political corruption? ahahahahahaah, not as desired, but there is more freedom of speech which is very good--in spite of much ultra-conservative opposition.

  1aaaa) Now Merkel says NATO might send in troops to help Ukraine's army; Putin counters with appeals to the UN which traps the gunboat diplomacy of NATO into being bullies. ahahahahah  dummies too.  Putin seems to be smarter than all the NATO heads put together, n'est-ce-pas?  Unfortunately he has tightened the military presence around eastern Ukraine--now the escalation deepens.

1aaa)  SNOWDEN! Snowden?  Yep, some u'alls want him quartered and hung (hanged too) up to dry.  This is where vetting is proved inadequate, and especially that brain-washing, threats to employees, and punishments fail.  The freakin' mind is a processor u dummies, the brain is plastic, the brain is a processor and the brain changes--no not a redundancy, but an emphasis of how important change is..   No amount of brain-washing is perfect (confuses self-identity, ok, and can make people mentally sick?).  Well, the B SSing gov'ts claim transparency, but that is false and because people blab innocently, mal-treatment of employees causes revenge thoughts, and gov't lies offend the true HUMAN psyche.  The psyche rebels--take a note here, you guys and gals in any sort of uniformity of dress, time slots, over-structured business; this adherence to conformity breeds anti-human behaviour.   Please read evolution texts, McLean's tri-partite brain, and thoroughly read the characteristics of the Lizard Brain.  Results are long Friday Happy Hours, bitching at hubby and wifey, kids, the job, the gov't, taxes and so on. Some stressed out uniformed DDs even abuse citizenry just to unload.  The lack of love in homelife often leads to a disturbed psyche whereby, in interactions with society, obtuse behaviours may become dangerous. Basically, these lead to dysfunctionality at all levels of family and cultural groups.  Our very own gov'ts collude in debasing the emotional maturations of its own citizens.  They do this by becoming more statist, including edging toward police statism.  And by ignoring the millennia old success of Homo sapiens sapiens--read above, dolts!

1a) US run NATO, Stone Face and Kerry, are the ones blabbing away about a supposed evil empire of the Ruskies.  When really the evil and greedy are those very complainers.  Stoneface and Obama's blockades are trying to isolate Putin but are really isolating themselves.   It's about economics, u dummies, and is being played out by the new Ukrainian president (chocolate entrepreneur and Billionaire).  Chocoblockhead  wants more millionaires for the Ukrainians; but in reality his position will make more Ukrainians poorer because he is a believer in American style Democracy--which tries to monetise everything: thank Obama for making Health care universal/nation-wide.  Ukraine represents 40 million souls from whom to buy goods from the EU and USA; and maybe it is they, the EU and US of A, who should donate many millions to the destitute Ukrainians.  That country needs others to buy Ukrainian goods and the literate world should send in medicine, hospitals and nurses, not Armed Jets and soldiers and soldiers' weaponry (under the Guise of NATO (USA & EU) brought into the country--who would give the Ukes weapons that kill to establish an American Democracy--a.k.a  CEOs & investors taking pennies from poor grannies. Grow up u clods and intellectual dwarves!  Warring, aggresion and bullying are charistic of the Reptilian brain--this is the 21st Century and that ultra-conseravative reptilian thinking keds is NOT the way.  The success of H. sapiens sapiens depended on love, care, bond, hope, oral communication, a sense of community, and opening up new lands for food sources.  Don't see that?   Well, read a bit.  Putin is showing a sense of community by protecting his Russian clansmen--not so the economically greedy US of A and EU.  Well, now the killing starts,  so Russia will  or may use diplomacy to ease the savage breasts of US led NATO and the EU (hah, not much union in that union), but may defend the UN displaced Russian communities in the Crimea and other Ukraine areas--remember that the USSR split isolated ethnic Russians in many areas esp. in Ukraine?  Our press seems not cover both sides' positions.  Why, because the American, German Presses and CRTC control their media licensing, and our CRTC IS GOV'T  controlled.  Nice, eh?  Is this Canada becoming a police state?  Consider the newly proposed prostitution laws, and the muzzling of gov't and police members for life when it comes to secret inner workings.

(1aa)  Recently a cawpper complained about suicide in his armed force.  Some reasons MAY be contributing factors:  mental training to be 'the law' when laws in fact are textual materials of abstract ideas (cops are really law appliers).  The psyche, collectively or individually, sees this as an anomaly and gets confused (being something that is bottom line and an abstraction).  The mix-up of self-identity and self-confidence may cause psychic disruption which may lead to alcoholism, distorted world views, disappointment, depression, obtuse ideas of the narcissistic, megalomaniacal, uber menschen philosophy, self-centredness types, sexual and physical aggression, suicide, and alcoholism that vary greatly and for longer periods from societal norms.   This psychic disturbance may cause evoking of some Lizard Brain characteristics including bullying and one in particular: some or many forms of deception, of which one is lying.  In total, the brain is stressed and little or no amount of homeostasis can be reached.  Result is obtuse behaviour!  Maybe suicide or attempts may occur.  Most politicos and senior police are NOT informed about the affects of the primitive brain structures on behaviour (here think of police btuality, wars, blockades, bullying and any type of deception {disguise, dissembling, camouflage and so on}). 

(1b)  Recently a plethora of registered visitors have chosen to remain anonymous.   A deduction may lead one to assume these are kawps, CIA, FBI, Massaud, KGB, The Lower Slobovian or other secret organisations.  Let us hope they are truly interested in the site.  As was said, the spies are afoot.

(1) In recent moves, mimicking the religists (a.k.a. stupid, narrow, lying twits), an African leader (from the abyss of the dumb) out-lawed homosexuality.  Now it happens that another African country's leadership said on or about 23 March 2014 that homosexuality sentences cannot be forgiven (or words to that effect).  (To their credit, England and Wales legalised same sex marriages--c'mon Scotland, get with it!)  Jeezus jumped up Jehosephat!  Homosexuals make up between 8 and 10% of the world population (lots of U.S. of Jerks' research put that at about 2%, only because they included only very noticeable tendencies and not slighter tendencies).   Well, the foetus, while changing from an embryo, wires its brain.  At certain set stages around 6 to 8 weeks of the embryo's age--now becoming a foetus-- the wiring for sex objects such, skin texture types, hairiness (some imprinting here too after birth), personality and other behavioural characteristics, etc., are taking place.  The wiring spreads throughout the brain,  some neurite and synapse formations occurring at 25,000 each second.   But, because of the vagaries of the production of sex hormone levels from normal, the brain of a male or female  MAY, I say again, MAY not be  produce the intended result.  Remember here that the resulting effects (phenotypes) may be anywhere from a low tendency to a high tendency toward being homosexuality.  The results are that some male foetuses may be wired as would a female brain; and a female foetus brain may be wired as would a male brain.  The wiring includes gender self-identity.  This process is never 100% accurate because it is a PROCESS and not a set of digitised events!   This is occurring because the incipient renal glands in their production of a sex hormone complex varies in the ratio of male and female  hormones percentages--remember this hormone production is a process and is not digitised; so all processed are not precise.   Therefore, In toto, the whole of the brain development is a process--further, it follows the patterns of development much like fractal patterns.  Check identical twin and triplet capillary development to see the process variations.  It means that the sages of the biblical tomes were ignorant of facts discovered after their often outright dumb sayings were put in print.  One really dumb government official went on to claim that there were NO homosexuals in his country (Iranian MP?)  Well, asshole, there are well over 7 billion humans in existence.  It is easy to see that well over 600 million homosexuals exist.  Seems to me that homosexuality is a normal condition--repeat, HOMOSEXUALITY IS A NORMAL CONDITION--there are between 600 and 700 millions on the planet.  Homosexuality has been observed in at least 52 (now over 500!) mammal species!

In philosophy, St. Thomas Aquinas, who was the intellectual European giant of the 1200s proposed that the first cause was a 'G'od.  The stupid clod (he was a physically powerful and brutish looking chap with an intellect of incredible heights assumed the first cause, as do a myriad of present day dumb intellectuals, was a god.   There is a serious leap in logic here--a quantum leap!  The cause of all causes is existence evolving (remember that matter cannot be created  from nothing--matter has five forms: solid, liquid, gas, plasma and pure energy) and not some non-existent idea forced upon mankind.  Thomas, u are so smart, but I forgive you for claiming as you did.  It was because you had a choice of being burned alive or tortured or claim the final clause was a  god.  The ultimate cause is existence.  I will expand on something and nothing to help you poor dummies figure out this assertion, ok?) 

A further comment, a homosexual can be by all appearances and most behaviours be a hetero-sexual, and a heterosexual may seem to be very effeminate--all phenotypes exist in homosexuals and heterosexuals and homosexuality has been observed in 52 (now over 500) mammal species!.  Because the formation of the nervous system (so too the circulatory system, etc.) is a process, the results include all possible orientations, variations and intensities thereof. 

I will continue this theme and discuss 'something' and 'nothing', existence and non-existence, and the big bang.  I will be gentle with words for the dummy gov't officials, religists, a large group from Texas who possess high levels of testosterone (both male and female), and some interested and enlightened folk from Israel and the Crimea. 

Something and nothing: not the nothing in the bank, not the nothing in one's pocket, but absolute nothing.  Think of it; think of nothing for awhile.  To ease your restless feeling, think of something now, not a complicated something, say a small smooth stone picked up from the beach; something that would fit in a palm.  Feel its heft; throw it at another beach stone.  Watch the results. That stone exists does it not?  We now have examples of existence and non-existence (the nothing that you hopefully could imagine a few moments ago).  Think of many things that exist, Remember that dreams, hopes, wishes, desires and the like are products of the mind with help from the nervous system and do not exist in the same way as a stone exists.  Existence exists, but non-existence does not.  There is no such thing as non-existence.   There are five forms of matter: solid, gas, liquid, plasma, and energy (remember E=MC^2; therefore, M=E/C^2 and C equals the square root of (M divided by E).  :)  There always had to be existence; existence is, was and always will be.  Is that clear--remember matter cannot be made out of anything but energy (which is a form of matter)?  No cause made matter, it always was, it is, and it will always exist.  The Universe, and the one contracting toward the big bang is a bumpy spheroid.

Before the Big Bang (the only one?):  Due to the vagaries of energy; I mean concentrations thereof, the chaotic form would be fractal-like if it could be viewed.  Odds would deem that concentrations would exist; and add in the factor that some volumes of pure energy would have more or less pure energy than other volumes.  The patterns would be chaotic, but fractal-like.  Because the patterns could be vastly different, chance dictates that some volumes of pure energy would contract into one of the other forms of matter.  Therefore the first cause is the accident of changing from pure energy to one of the other forms of matter.  This disturbance will reduce a volume of pure energy which may, really it is very likely to trigger further changes (the one universal constant of matter is change!).   Oooops, lunchtime!)

  (1a)With the population increase, there is a need by governments to become more and more controlling.  As the country moves more to dictatorial practices, there is more and more unrest.  The results are riots, protests and a high unemployment rate.  The screwhead leaders, and most are, need to devise countermeasures to halt and re-establish the democratic atmosphere preceding the riotous times.  This proactive mind set of leaders and the elected politicians, including the opposition party members, must develop strategies to monitor the actions of governing higher and more educated populations.  With this approach, unrest will be largely avoided.  Control freaks actually give way to the primitive urges of the Lizard brain.  (See Comment 01 under Political/Philosophical Musings, or directly below under Reptile Characteristics.)The proactive plans must consider most of the negative features of our reptile inheritance.   Another salient feature of preserving the state is decentralisation.  However, the state must be strongly represented in each sub-unit of the nation.  Along with these features, each citizen must have the right to redress. Most politicians are full of rhetoric, but in this case, they must consider the stability of the constitution, method of governing the population and the overall welfare of the state and the population.  In most, nearly all, non-democratic and non-secular states, the hope for a just society lies in the distant future--please refer to the history of theocracies and their brutality toward women.