Interesting questions and points of view.
1.  What happened before time began?  Hint: mathematicians claim the origin of the Big Bang is a mathematical point, but recently S Hawking claims it is a sphere.  It is held now that it is a sphere.  However, the sphere is not a perfect sphere I say, but that as gravity sucks all matter toward the mathematical point, the stage at which a second (or subsequent BBs) reaches its explosive critical stage its form is a fuzzy and messy looking sphere with much matter still going in.  So that, at the explosive event, the matter that did not get in (including positive-matter) is blown out along with the rest of the matter (see prior to the first BB below)!  Because time is in the Universe, never outside, and that there were parts of the Universe not included in the mass that explodes, Time was still going on and therefore the above event happened during the "day before" ( a metaphor, ok?) time began for the new reforming of the Universe.  (c)  

 Big bang theory: Hawking, S: all matter converges to a mathematical point, but he revised the point to a sphere. But not all particles of matter managed to join it before another Big Bang took place I say, probably there were quadrillions of particles left outside, but still hurtling along curved paths, still heading for that small dense sphere and mathematical point; some not getting in were positive matter (as in their not entering the black holes) and some were electro-magnetic waves; these joined in with this the next Big Bang and rocketed out and into the chaos with the other parts of the sphere, including waves, heat and so on.  The Big Bang starts out with the anti-matter that goes into the black hole begins to connect with matter which then turns into nothing physical and some energy in EM waves.  Eventually, the black hole implodes and results in a big bang.  The remnants of the black hole and that which did not yet enter the black hole all joined with this (next) Big Bang and spread out and became a new chaos called the Universe but this time occupying space, having motion and therefore time.   At one stage, some may say the beginning stage; there could have been just pure energy before a Big Bang, which would be the first Big Bang!  This energy, being chaotic in nature, necessarily had different levels of energy.  These variations eventually, after a chaos condition, but now apply the laws of chance--following known laws to the situation, led to a coalescing into an ever so small bit of matter (Einstein's E=MC2,therefore M=E/C2).  Now apply the Theory of Relativity and that bit of matter can be rather large or rather small. The coalescing into matter led to an enormous consumption of energy from areas outside that newest piece of matter.  Subsequently, the imbalance of energy levels spread and a chain reaction of coalescing matter from pure energy and the massive consumption of energy, now again in the form of matter, led to an eventual attraction of the newly formed masses to each other.  The multitude of new lumps of matter slowly began to plummet headlong into the first mathematical point.  The critical point of the sphere exploding , the first Big Bang, was reached before all matter could arrive at the point of convergence and the immense explosion took place forming a Universe with time and motion in it.  The next big bang should occur maybe thirty or more billions of years from NOW!

A friend asked the following question, "What is the difference between something and nothing?"  We had been talking about a yard sale I attended but I bought nothing and when I mentioned that my purchases were nothing or non-existent, another friend, a bit of a philosopher, joined with, "Something is, well, an object like a table or a small boulder and so on."   But existence,  he went on to explain, is that items like boulders and tables exist and that is called existence, but something that does not exist is impossible.  Wow, that is also called non-existence.  Well, it is easy to see that non-existence does not exist and therefore there is no such thing as not existing and being something or existing at the same time!   Wow, no such thing as non-existence!  That means something has existed and will always exist in at least one of the five states of matter; that is forever more!!!  If one remembers that time is in the Universe and it is nowhere else, then where is time? It is nowhere and any event before the first aggregation of matter from energy is not measurable in time! Whew!!  Or is it?  Well, examine the fuzzy ball of dense matter later.  Is it a blank wall, impenetrable to time?  What was before always was, is and will always be.  Was there time in Chaos?  No, because there was no Universe with no entities, motion and no measureable events.  Wow! I need a coffee, some of Pearson and Shaw's brain food and a relaxing video for my noggin to recuperate from that.   Philosophers and religious tome readers please ponder that!!!!!

If the mathematical point, mentioned above, is a blank wall, what is the form then, if any?  It cannot be in a solid, a gas, liquid nor plasma form because that is matter.  It must be pure energy that needs a chaotic condition.  It must be of another dimension that has no state, space or matter.  Can it be cosmological mirror and of pure energy on the other side?  Can it be a mathematical point?  Just before that point, it is in three dimensions plus time as a fourth dimension; the three dimenional shape of the matter must be a donut-shaped spiral massive galaxy-like mass of consideral diameter and depth.  That point is an abstraction somewhere in the fuzzy ball and has no real existence for it is infinitely small!  Maybe there is a cosmological mirror of that mathematical point?  Is that mathematical point the transit point through which energy passed from the other side?  Did some pure energy exist on the other side and cause the fulcrum to tip and energy slid down through the point that does not exist?  If it did, it cannot go back because matter was formed from the energy on our side.  If so, we are back to the premise that a small very heavy sphere formed after energy accidentally coalesced, proceeded to become the Universe and then shrink to a small heavy sphere which explodes and continues into endless series of Big Bangs.  Our mind experiment needs to find what is on the other side of that mathematical point, if anything, and what if there is a new fifth dimension with nothing but chaos and pure energy?  Some Yankee screwheads (article in the Wisconsin Alumni magagzine) are hoping for the EU CERN project to find a God or Higgs particle--Geeeezzzz!  I merely want to find that fifth dimension.  Well, the blank wall is of a finite distance because the theoretical convergence point of matter going in cannot be reached, and all the other matter from the Universe is plummeting in in a spiral path will not hit the convergence point because the critical mass and resultant blistering temperature occur before all that stuff gets to it.  Result,  a premature incredibly massive release of energy takes place; therefore the Universe is doomed to repeat itself every 30 billion or more earth years.  So back to before the first BB; chaotic non-dimensional energy is all there is or was before the coalescing and Universe formation took place.  We now know that there is only existence; non-existence does not exist; the plausible and perhaps only explanation is that pure encergy may be the source of first matter--manipulating E=MC2 yields M=E/C2  or massive amounts of energy divided by the speed of light squared can produce a mass.

A friend mentioned that there must be a first cause to the chaotic dimensionless, timeless, energy.  He ignored the sine qua non of existence and non-exsistence.  For there to be a cause, there must be time and motion; this impilies an entity, but an entity is existence, therefore there is the cause!    Also, a Universe exists and there is no such thing as non-existence. Again, there is no such thing as non-existence and therefore the chaotic timeless, dimensionless energy  or it changing or it being changed to a form of matter always was, is and always will be.  Therefore, remembering that non-existence does not exist, existence is the irreducible primary and must be the First Cause.  Q.E.D.

Further, there can be no mirror or other side of the mathematical point (except in complex mathematical ways). Why?  It is because it is at the centre of a huge mass of spinning particles surrounding it, including light and EM waves, sprirally heading toward and from all directions, but never reaching that point because the critical mass is reached before that event can take place.  The immense spinning heavy fuzzy and messy ball of matter explodes before arriving at that math point--and much matter is still heading in from the Universe.  These later arrivals get blown out chaotically along with the exploding mass.  What then of Quantum matrix theory?  Hmmmm, there is some interesting events with the quantum theory, in this case with the very large entity.  Did chaos energy in one fell quantum-like swoop convert to matter; to particles by the quintillions or 10 81entities?  Later, baby, after Gold Foxtrot lessons,

2.  In Geometry, devise a plan to trisect any angle using only a pencil, a compass and a straight edge.  It can be done with a right angle.  A decade or more ago, I saw the solution for a right angle, but cannot reconstruct it.  Is there anyone who can?  If so, please enter it in my Blog or use my email .

Trisecting the right angle
To trisect right angle AOB . . .
Draw an arc centre O, radius r = OX.
Draw arc centre X, radius r = XO to cut arc XY in C.
Draw arc centre Y, radius r = YO
OXC is an equilateral triangle; all sides are r the radius.
Then angle OCX is 60 degrees and angle OCY is thirty degrees
Then OC is a trisector of AOB.

Sorry, there are solutions to other angles, but they are inaccurate!  Why?  Hint: think of the using of infinity in the equations that use that principle to solve the question posed, "Why?".

3.  Discuss 'something' and 'nothing' in metaphysical terms.  This should get the 'believers' into a dilemma or at least get their 'knickers in a twist'.  Hint 1: read Ayn Rand's Objectivism theory which can be found in the earlier works of Nathaniel Branden.  Hint 2: there is no such thing as nothing.  This concept is hard to perceive even by some of the very bright, but give it a try ("prime mover" and "first cause" concepts will freeze your brain, if it is neomystic in wiring).  Hint 3: A neomystic is a believer in the God concept (s) religions.

4.  Why can some information be detected emanating from a Black Hole?  Because not all matter does not go in; some anti-matter does not and this matter has energy and emits wave energy that can be detected.  Read S. Hawking.

5.   Dark matter is misbehaving in a 'Blob' about 3 or 4 light years away.  I suggest that the particles maintain their state because there is not enough energy to coalesce the neutrino-like 'particles' .  And that the recent misbehaviour is because there is a source of energy arriving into this dark blob of matter, and that some of the dark matter  is coalescing which is changing the 'nature' of this blob of dark matter.

5. a. Why the claiming of the existence of any 'god' cannot be proven.   Take care on using the ontological argument by St. Anselm, Archishop of Canterbury, proving a negative, or any reification scheme.  Please stick with reality.

6.  Discuss why racism occurs.  Include, if you wish, why self-identity  and some religious teaching which may lead in the direction of racism.

7.  If the mind of man is created by a 'god', why do religists (Religists is a neologism.  It means religionists or ecclesiastics.) have so much trouble controlling any mind?  St. Thomas Aquinas, the intellectlual giant of the thirteenth century, freed man's mind by his claiming that if God created man, and a mind is part of man, then man ought to use his mind to its limit.  This brilliant scholar, using Aristotelean thought and logic, freed mankind from the previous world view and gave mankind the right to see reality with his own eyes and not what faith and fiction told him to see (also to hear what one really hears, etc.).  In fact, this was approved by the church of Rome and gave man the right to see with his eyes and use the fundamental theorems of Aristotle--especially the law of identity.

8.  Why is there evil in the world?  This has taken a lot of space in religious and philosophical circles for millennia with one of the insipid answers as, "God works in mysterious ways.".

I posed this to an intellectually myopic educated person, but alas, that educated person fell short (one's  brain was frozen by that one's tendency toward having a bit of Narciccistic Personality Syndrome:a.k.a. Megalomania).  Hint 1:  Evil begins in the primitive animals and some plants, but let us jump to Homo erectus.  He had to presrve his family and also his species.  Further, he had to search for hunting grounds She, Mrs. Homo erectus, had to secure the cave/homestead.  He would find and would try to keep it secret from other male H. species.  These others competed for space, nesting areas, food etc.  As a result, the seekers of food would attempt to out-guile the other H. erectii in exploiting the new source of food.  Quantum leap forward: family groups competed, and then ... .?   Hint 2: Examine the evils of the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield's bag of lies such as those related to the Illegal War, ok? Is your thinking cap on?

9.  Compare and contrast religion, politics and creativity.  This challenge is of a rather ambitious nature, but it is here for the undaunted.

10.  Discuss why there is homosexuality?  Include hormonal effects if u wish. (Hint: Is anyone completely heterosexual?).  I love this question because there is so much furor over same-sex marriage.  You see, a simple explanation lies in the brain development of the embryo and fetus.  There is a 'nurture' component to the answer but it is of a minor kind in numbers and importance.  Hint: read the information found in the Booklet tab.

11.  Why is age so important in mind control?  The religists over the millennia have discovered the value of inculcating religious training at an early age.  Why is this so critical?

12.  If a 'god' created mankind and therefore man's mind, why can one not use one's mind freely without incurring the wrath of religists, military leaders, governments and nationalists?

12. a) What is the message or symbolism of Christ dying on the cross have to do with self-esteem?  Please do not dwell too long on his 'dying for mankind's sins'; it is better even if you do not include this old saw.  But you may include some quotes from The Book of Matthew if you can identify the correct ones.  Q2: What is the psychological reason for Narcissus dying.  Hint: it is not being ego-centric, ok?

12 b)  For what was Mohammed looking when he went flying around on his special winged-horse, Burak, climbing up ladders to heaven and back down again only to flit here and there? Hint: conversations.

13. a) I am still looking for another article.  This may fill the bill:   Should there be separation of church and state?   I believe the intent of the USA constitution is in separation.  But the Bush Baby government holds prayer meeting before sessions begin in the oval office. (source: CBC documentary).  Please note the state of theocracies in the present age.  What effect does the Islamic radical brand of terrorism have in promoting theocratic systems of government?  Canada has no real law regarding separation of powers, but there is a tacit understanding of 'keep your nose out' of governmental affairs, but it still exists and my exist even more under the present Conservative Canadian regime.  Further, what was the intended effect of Pres. Bush claiming that he got a message from God to invade Iraq?  Hint: The Religious Right needs.  Hint 2: Why do the villified CLDS male leaders get life sentences, and the Priests get short terms dor buggery and othr forms of sexual abuse?  Is there really a separation of church and states?

The first amendment to the USA constitution:  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

b) (i) Read the following quote/excerpt/question, and then comment on it.
A saying of Saint Augustine : "I do not know in order to believe; I believe in order to know."
 Religists' thinking is not based on the laws of identity and causality, which, by definition, is not reality but a reification--often concretized by the religists.  However, Atheists and Objectivists' thinking is based on reality and epistemology. Our method for checking our ideas against metaphysical evidence is logic (namely, using the scientific method, that is the method of non-contradictory identification) and metaphysics. 

In logic, the law of non-contradiction is the basic principle of rational thinking and judges as false any proposition P asserting that both proposition Q and its denial, proposition not-Q, are true at the same time and "in the same respect". In the words of Aristotle, "One cannot say of something that it is and that it is not in the same respect and at the same time." (or reaffirmation through denial).
More tersely, for any proposition P, it is not both the case that P and not P.
Having belaboured the point,  a question is posed: "Suggest how religion and reality can avoid a collision course that is rearing its head in the struggle for the minds of students."  In the USA, the collision is happening, but in Canada it seems it is now being formed behind the scenes and as a hidden agenda by the Conservative party.
Another question, "Are we heading for theocracies in North America?  (Wouldn't that be nice: a theocracy with a religious right president or prime minister as head of state (who is the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces in the USA.)
For some reference material please direct yourselves to the sites below. 

13. b) (ii) In a recent CBC news (?) program entitled, "Without God", several things irritated me.  Firstly, the program seemed to presume that God exists--where did disinterestedness go in forming this program?  There have been countless,  probably millions of,  attempts to prove the existence of a god and none have succeeded.  It is therefore incumbent on all to accept that no god exists.   If one has a faith and that faith includes a god, then by all means have faith in a faith, including believing in something that doesn't exist.  Personally, I would prefer the Greek, Viking, Norse, or Buddha type of faith because most of the gods had interesting lives, with some having a rather profligate way of doing that trip .  Better still, is the North American Indian belief system better that the neo-mystic because it identifies that man is part of nature.
Secondly, all the brains that went into the 'production' seemed to have missed the point that the right frontal lobe's 'something-is-there-with-me' part is the very area where bonding (like love and friend bonding) neural webs are centred.  These webs increase in size and complexity somewhat directly in relationship with nurturing. (Now you finally know why women/mothers are the more intuitive and nurturing sex--ok, ok, men become more nurturing as the get older but that is  because they  gradually lose their production of androgens.)  The psychics claim this area for its purposes too.  This same area tells us we need companionship of various sorts.  This 'need' is the source of the success of some reptiles,  and nearly all mammals.  In mammals, it is three four-letter word s--love, bond and care! (Tell that to the ultra-conservatives, red-necks and Republicans and they will probably go into a semi-catatonic coma.)  Politically and very interestingly, the mammalian success factors sit noticeably left of centre on the political spectrum.  That slant to the "Without God" program is missed and it is these bonding factors that is the thing that makes one think or hopes some-one/thing is there--it is a thing that is needed and the mind seeks it at the subliminal level--intuition too? 
The bonding factor neuronal centre is in the forward part of the right temporal lobe which is the area of emotional memory--references below and page five of Sources.  The area of bonding has included in it bonding of many sorts, primary of which is mother/child bonding.  The child soon learns that mommy goes missing for short periods and eventually for longer periods but always comes back.  The child learns that 'mommy is there' or will be eventually.  I hold that the 'something or someone is there' of the clairvoyant and neo-mystics is the bonding neuronal network in action.  Over the billions of times the mystics have attempted to prove the existence of a 'god' has failed.  It behooves one to come up with the conclusion that no god exists, has never existed nor will ever exist. see  13. g) below.
Please comment.

 13.c) Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. ~~Adolph Hitler (inter alia--perhaps in different terms)
Please compare this statement with the media, religious organizations and American (or any gov't) aims of controlling the minds and bodies of the populace. 

13. d)  If Democracy stands by its definition, then public opinion is essential for its success.  If so, this means politicians must listen carefully to what the public is saying.  If the elected body listens to public opinion and also employs a propaganda machine to control the mind of the electorate, then what of enacting laws?  Is this self-seduction? What of public opinion then?
13. e) How fickle is the electorate?  If the electorate is fickle, then what of the laws enacted?
13. f) God Spot!: I shall use the term 'g-spot' instead of 'God spot' because there are so many gods and goddesses throughout the planet.
If there is but one g-spot why are there not many?  see reference page 5 for the articles on the 'Intelligent Design' theory (theory? If ever there was a case of 'begging the question', this is it.)  Please refer to Sources 5 page for the complete definition of 'begging the question'.
This 'g-spot' is supposed to be found in the right temporal lobe and is suspiciously close the the area where the nurturing, the 'something is there' spot and the ESP areas are located.  All three in one rather precise spot looms as rather suspicious.  In fact, the nurturing claim to this spot could be used to explain the other two claims.  Namely, that the bonding aspect of rearing offspring gives the offspring a subliminal sense that mom is always there for me.  If u wish, take a try at explaining this in terms of the g-spot and clairvoyant adherents' claims. see 13.b ii
13. g) Re: nurturing, read below.  (My research is getting close to the nurturing nerve network development in Right Temporal Lobe of mice--can humans be far behind?)
Imprinted Gene Found on Human Chromosome 19; Mouse Version Involved in Nurturing Behavior
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Genetic Research
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Medical Center News Office , (919) 684-4148
DURHAM, N.C. - Duke University Medical Center researchers report that an unusual gene-control mechanism called "imprinting" is at work on human chromosome 19. For imprinted genes, the gene copy that is turned on depends only on whether it came from the mother or father, rather than on the classic laws of Mendelian genetics, where genes are either dominant or recessive.
In the Jan. 1, 2001, issue of Genomics, the researchers report that a particular gene called PEG3, or paternally expressed gene 3, is imprinted in humans, just as it is in mice. Mouse studies have shown that only the copy of PEG3 that is inherited from the father is functional, and the Duke researchers now have confirmed that is true in humans as well.
"Just because you have an imprinted gene in the mouse doesn't mean it's going to be imprinted in humans," said principal investigator Randy Jirtle, professor of radiation oncology and member at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center. "This is also the first evidence of imprinting on human chromosome 19."
Imprinted genes usually occur in clusters, so the researchers are now looking for other imprinted genes in the region of chromosome 19 near PEG3, said Duke's Susan Murphy, lead author of the study, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health. To date, about 40 imprinted genes have been identified in humans, primarily on regions of chromosomes 7, 11 and 15.
Generally speaking, imprinting is not reversible - if the functional copy becomes faulty, the non-working copy can't be turned on. The region of chromosome 19 that contains PEG3 has already been linked to ovarian cancer and gliomas, a form of brain cancer.
"Imprinted genes are particularly susceptible to complete loss of function or inappropriate overexpression, and have been implicated in a number of diseases as well as neurobehavioral disorders, including autism," said Murphy, a research associate in radiation oncology whose older son's death from cancer and younger son's diagnosis of autism prompted her to enter imprinting research.
Earlier this year, other Duke researchers reported preliminary findings that suggest imprinted regions on chromosomes 7 and 15 are involved in autism.
In addition to being the first evidence of imprinting on chromosome 19, the PEG3 findings indicate the possibility that the similarities between the human and mouse versions of the gene might extend to behavior changes caused by loss of the gene's function in mice, the researchers said.
Cambridge researchers reported last year that female mice that inherited a faulty PEG3 gene from their fathers - leaving them without a functional copy of this gene - demonstrated severe nurturing deficiencies that resulted in the deaths of most of their offspring.
"We don't know if there are behavioral changes associated with loss of this gene in humans," emphasized Jirtle. "What we do know is that, in humans, PEG3 is imprinted in the tissues we tested and that it remains imprinted throughout development and adulthood."
The PEG3 gene codes for a protein believed to be involved in transcription, one of the steps in reading genetic material to make proteins. Scientists speculate the nurturing problems seen in mice without PEG3 might be caused by "downstream" effects - genes whose expression would normally be aided by the PEG3 protein - rather than by a lack of PEG3 itself.
While no behavioral impact has been established for the human PEG3 gene, Jirtle noted that advancing technologies make it easier to identify genes and clarify their functions.
The impact of this is immense.  If the proper gene is inherited from the mouse father, then a behavioural nerve net that is responsible for nurturing behaviour (imprinting too) will almost certainly be developed in humans
"For a long period of time, it was believed that nurturing controlled behavior," he said. "In mice, it's been shown that genes can have a profound impact on behavior, even on what might be thought of as the most fundamental behavior of mother and offspring."
Co-author of the study is Andrew Wylie, a research associate funded by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Cheshire, UK
13. h) If the Intelligent design is accepted by the Christian Rightists (note oxymoron) or whomsoever, then they must accept their philosophical position as having a Fatalistic (please do not get mixed up with Determinism) stance with an omniscient and omnipotent god.  Comments? 
For an 'Intelligent Design' article, go to the URL below:
The author, Wim van den Dungen, really stretches truth and reality in the above essay.  This is Lysenkoism gone rampant!

13. i)  One of the ways one may prove that any god does not exist is by the following method:  There have been perhaps a quadrillion attempts to call forth, find, or find scientifically provable evidence of its (a god's) existence.  Not one has been found.  Common sense tells us then that it (a or any god) does not exist.  Now, cultures have gods and I believe that culture is very valuable, but cultures are fallible because they are produced by hopes, wishes, and guesses.  Therefore, let us look at a god's existence.  One way to do this is by thought experiment using familiar objects, namely:  Please go to the open land nearby and find a rock of 5-10kg.  Lightly tap it.  Now that object exists, does it not?  That rock has many characteristics.  One of which is temperature; others include mass, mineral content and probably micro-organisms.  We have, then, established that reality exists.  But what of matter, the rock is matter and matter has five forms, at the molecular/atomic level.  The rock's basic level has the normal reality forms of matter, that is a solid, a liquid, a gas, as a plasma; another is called Strange Matter, from ideation by Bose-Einstein Condensates and finally pure energy (E = MC2 ,Einstein, 1905  or m= E/C2).  The Bose-Einstein and the Strange forms can be ignored here because they represent a peculiarity of matter in the gaseous state at near absolute zero temperatures and probably only occur in laboratories.  Let us now examine a time in the distant past.  Suppose that there was a condition existing eons ago whereby all matter was in the form of pure energy, remembering that the rock in the open land area did have some heat energy in it and it has mass.  The rock is a solid, one of the forms of matter.  The rock mass can be converted into a pure energy value by using a variation of e = mc2.  Let us convert the energy of a 10 kg rock into pure energy--e = 10,000 x c x c!  An immense number results.  If we now consider chaos theory and apply the laws of chance and statistics, then in the chaotic milieu of pure energy, the energy has various concentrations (of heat/energy).  Apply then the laws of chance and at some time the energy will coalesce into matter--remember the rock?  So, take a hunk of matter, and probably a multitude of other hunks that may have formed in other parts of chaotic milieu and apply the principal of relativeness as to size & mass and apply the gravitational constant to all chunks.  Because the hunks are formed in a chaotic manner regarding mass and how far apart they are from each other, there will be differences in the strength of attraction between all hunks.  Again, with distance and mass differences, the attraction of one hunk to others is different.    After eons, the hunks start to follow elliptical paths about a centre; much like a Spiral Galaxy. This sequence of events means that time is emerging!  Now these pieces of matter have size, mass and motion in a sea of energy.  These events describe the beginning of objective reality, time, the hunks of mass become the seeds for the big bang, the birth of the Universe, the later formation of the planet earth, evolution of life and also for the political mess in the world today.  Please note there is not a god, heaven, hell nor purgatory formed by this process (are they merely figments of the imagination? ans. Yep!).  This theory seems plausible to many.  It is a theory originally formed about 50 years ago by HH when in high school and has had a few modifications since.  (I mentioned this idea to a few of my friends those decades ago and got that odd fish-eyed glance from them, ahaha, and I still do!).  In any case, the aforementioned sequences would be the start of the first Big Bang.  Again, no god did anything to do this.  Only existence exists and non-existence does not.  Again, existence exists and only existence exists.  That means existence always was, is, and will always exist.  Time refers to movements and distances.  So the Universe contains all matter that exists,  Also, time is within the Universe; there is nowhere else.

13. J) Homosexuality explained:
Over the last several months, some pals have asked me about the origins of homosexuality and I decided to give the neuro-chemical basis for this situation. 
I feel the explanation is needed for those who wish to expand their knowledge and for those who suffer opinions based on religious tomes.  During 'in utero' development of the human embryo and fetus the production of sex hormones is by the primary sex organs and the adrenal glands.  Because of the vagaries of development and the production of the sex hormones, the actual level of sex hormone plays a crucial role in sexual orientation, sex organ development, sexual object interest, frequency/intensity of sexual activity, type of body interest and so on. A note here: testosterone is also a 'hornification' (a neologism of hh) hormone.
The theory I am about to explain and expand was originated by Dr. Gunter Dorner, a German scientist who first promulgated the theory some decades ago.  The theory goes something like this:  at about six weeks of embryonic development, the primary sex organs appear.  This event signals the change from embryo to fetus.  This developmental change is under chromosomal instructions.  If X and Y chromosomes are present the fetus is a male and if two X chromosomes are present, the fetus a female.  But, hold it, if there are abnormal variations in the estrogens and/or androgen hormone levels, the fetus can be affected in several ways.  During brain development at approximately six weeks or so of fetal age, there are about 25 000 neural connexions per second occurring.  The neural tube produces neural cells that put out long end stalks that grow toward target cells on the outer layer of the neural tube.  Once attached, the neural cell body moves to one of six distinct layers and differentiates into a certain cell type.  After the first layer is formed subsequent layers of are laid down by the stalks forcing their way through the first layers.  The neural cells then send out dendrites by the billions.  These stellate masses, somewhat in the shape of a mature dandelion with its myriad of seeds ready for a gust of wind to disperse them, develop an intricate array of dendrites that interconnect with other neuronal cell bodies throughout the developing brain. The stalks of these stellate masses are produced at about the end of the third week of neural tube growth.  Many of these are influence by sex hormones and are event and time specific.   Later on, these have no influence in the dendritic connexions.  Some of the stages of sex-influenced stellate masses include the sex object interest, type of sex object, sex organ brain neuronal areas development, sex act  frequency, body pattern attraction, development of primary of sex organs and others.   Due to vagaries of the variations of sex hormone production, many variations in 'brain wiring' take place.  It is this variation and the vagaries thereof that cause homosexuality (both Lesbian and Gay).  If there be in a female fetus (XX) a noticeable increase of male hormones during the stalk and stellate mass formation and at a specific time, varying intensities of Lesbianism will manifest itself.  (Bell curve stats here)  If the rise occurs at a later period of time, then other stellate masses may be influenced.  So it goes with other sexual behaviours.  For example, Martina Navratalova, is a very masculine female (with well above average testosterone and perhaps somatotropic growth hormone levels) who is also a Lesbian.  She produced, at the time the sex object stellate mass was formed and developed, a noticeably higher level of testosterone and also happened to be a female with a rather high level of testosterone production at later times.  Some female Lesbians can be very aggressive due to the high level of testosterone (and perhaps other genetic factors) being maintained throughout fetal and post partum development, and some Lesbians can have normal female behaviour and some can have very female behaviour.  In males (XY), too much estrogen/estradiols at that specific time the sex object stellate knot is forming, will cause a Gay orientation and too much testosterone hormones will cause extreme heterosexual tendencies.  In Gays, the brain wiring can be totally male oriented except for the 'sex object' stellate wiring.  Other aspects can be wired with various intensities of maleness/femaleness.  Basically, females can have a male wired brain for sex objects and males can have a female wired brain for sex objects.  If this be the case, the female is Lesbian and the male is Gay.  Some females can exhibit male behaviour is certain areas and still be attracted to males; some males can exhibit femaleness in certain areas and be attracted to females.  For example, some males can find their bliss in dance, flower arrangement, poetry, painting, etc., and yet be very noticeably male in other areas including sexual orientation  I for one, have a great love of dance, poetry, painting, acting and yet have a very heterosexual orientation.  Nureyev was a Gay with a great love of dance and what an athlete! 
I will expand this explanation further because this is from memory and I need more research for more specifics.
Notes: Behaviours affected by sex hormones: time, sequence, too little androgens, hairlessness (pre-pubertal form, adult form--genetics, colour, hirsuteness, age, form.
Plato: pp 1-3 ff, GBWW. Socrates, "... and about youth, I asked whether any of them were remarkable for wisdom or beauty, or both. ... ."  Critus said, "... of the beauties, Socrates, he said, ...those who are just entering are the advanced guard of the great beauty ... ."  "... for he was remarkable even then when he was still a child ... "  ... almost all young persons appear to be beautiful in my eyes.  ... ."
Well, many Greeks of Aristotle's time felt it was ok for homosexual love.  It appears that Socrates, Alexander of Macedon, and many others practised it including Leonardo da Vinci.  An Army Major for whom I worked, mentioned a certain country encouraged homosexuality among its troops, especially when stationed away from home for long periods.  One day I will explain AC/DC or those that enjoy either sex as a partner. 
In establishing the sequence of events of sexual development and orientation, a scientist used live rats because they are born with only a very primitive brain and the brain develops post partum and later to its adult form.  At birth it is about the same development as is the human at 7 weeks.  He took and euthanized male rats at set periods of time after birth and noted the development in all areas: mounting, aggression, genital development, sexual preference, overall looks, etc.  Also, female rats were given male hormones at various stages and developed many male characteristics but, of course, could not produce offspring.  After a critical stage/time, no amount of injections of testosterone in female rats could alter its patterns of behaviour.
Most of this has been known for decades and to this day political and religious groups deny it, which indicates they are in denial about accepted facts. Not only that, but the aforenoted are victims of religious tomes published as long ago as 600 BC or before that date, and thusly they and their tomes are out-of-date with advances in science and knowledge.
still working on the following:
... variations of the adult form of the opposite sex; sex organ development (amniocentesis, then miniscule injections of androgens to create normalcy), frequency of sex.
Glen Wilson, psych, Love's Mysteries
Dr. Milton Diamond--4 stages: sex patterning (aggressiveness or passiveness), identity, object choice (mating centre in hypothalamus), Moir & Jessel--3:  sex centres,  mating centres, gender role centres--sociability/individualism, adventurousness/timidity which get fully expressed under the hormonal influence of puberty.   Perversion, almost the sole domain of the male!

Turner's Syndrome yields niticeable 'mothering' personality behaviours.

13.k.  The plot.  International business interests have a neat way of amassing land and money and control of foreigh governments.  They start by bribing small poor country's politicos into monopoly or near-monopoly of certain sectors of the economy.  One could be the agricultural sector.  The bribe money is ostensibly for improving the lot of the masses, but the no strings attached codicil is used to line the pockets of the politicos.  Further, after getting legal control of the agricultural sector, the IntlEMen (International Exploiting Men) become the sole buyers of the country's produce.  The price paid is lowered and there are limits on each individual producer.  These primary producers cannot survive with their allotments and turn to borrowing to provide for their families.  Many go into arrears and the IntlEM acquire the loan mortgages and foreclose when the arrears get too far on.  With the mortgages and law on their side, the IntlEMs foreclose and claim the deeds to many small farms.   The results for the IntEMen include: growing and selling their own produce, owning a large chunk of the agricultural land and large profits.  For the masses, they lose jobs and move to the large centres in search of work.  Shanty towns grow up on the out-lying districts of the large urban areas.  For the politicos, the bribe money purchases military and police forces and their weapons, elaborate residences and offices as well as a secret police to protect the IntlEMen.  The police keep the peaceful poor in check while the military quell any food or other riots.  Just where have the ethics gone?
        Having belaboured the point,  a question is posed: "Suggest how religion and reality can avoid a collision course that is rearing its head in the struggle for the minds of students."  In USA, the collision is happening, but in Canada it seems it is now being formed behind the scenes and as a hidden agenda by the Conservative party.
Another question, "Are we heading for theocracies in North America?  (Wouldn't that be nice: a theocracy with a religious right president as head of state who is the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces.)
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