For Overweight Ladies Only


Women have, for the most part, two speech centre, both expressive  and receptive, capabilities.  Women have, for the most part, muli-tasking capabilities, normally five things that she can concentrate (to varying intensity).  Research tells us that women were selected sexually for that capability from early Homo species up to Cro-Magnon and present day humans.  Well, so what?  Ladies, use alll these multi-tasking skills when talking to women; BUT not talking to men!  Each time women (wimmin) talk to men and say the same thing, normally 3 to 7 times, men think each time is a new thing.  Not having a mind wired for multi-tasking, men's minds become confused.  Aaaan they look at wimmin with a strange look of bewilderment.  Why, because men are normally not multi-taskers.  As such, they call wimmin 'naggers'!  Women! Men have a different brain wiring and can, normally, think of one major thing and one minor thing (normally in the back ground) at the same time.   Research tells us the most disliked thing in wimmin by men is NAGGING-wimmin do not think this is nagging but men do.  So, wise up ladies tell him once and if he does not get it, tell him again, again but once.  As a result, you and your relationships with men will be much better.  Well, what if he doesn't ask for a repeat?  Wait for a pause, check for a blank look in his eyes (this will happen often) and gently tell him again, but touch him on the arm and look into his eyes.  He will really like that.

Example:  In learning dance steps, wimmin can handle the instructor talking, showing the step, listen to the music, coordinate the step to the music and move the feet correctly far better than men.  Men will have that blank look most of the time and step on your feet because he uses the wrong foot and can't coordinate the steps to the music.  Whoops, ladies, do not think he is stupid: he can only handle only one thing at a time and research tells us that men have a higher score on IQ by 3.6 points on tests than wimmin (Whatever that means).  But given time, men can catch up and even take the lead role adequately.  Be understanding and motherly at this time: men like it if it is not too evident.

 For all Men:

When wimmin talk to men, men, be understanding.  Once she has said something, blank her out, and process what she said that first time, then act accordingly.  If she is in error, do not tell her she is wrong, ill-informed, or stupid.  If you do, she will do mean things to you.  Ask her to repeat what she said, and use  question that shows her error, remember not to mention an error, but say that you did not get it, and ask her to explain the part where she made the goof.  Be kind to her and let her feel good, or more vain--what and whichever.   Try always to remember that her multi-tasking is a survival mechanism and not nagging; but do remember to blank her out when she has told you something once.

For Both Women and Men:

During embryonic and fetal development, the production of male and female hormones are not ideal.  The amount can vary.

Copyright [2013] Harvey Harte