Adolf Hitler: "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually the audience will believe it.” This quote is often accused as not an original, but is a method employed by media using 'white' lies; e.g. " ... and Lower Slobovia restaurants have the finest cuisine."; and, "Crappy dish soap has ..insert white lies at your leisure, etc." Radio stations advertising for a fee use this basic method, as do other media including politicians, company spokepersons, motorcar recall announcers and others too numerous to mention..

During the time Marshall Mcluhan spent formulating his theory, he realized that the rhetoricians were a medium of twisted truth mongering and controlling the audience. Their, the rhetoricians, predications were really based on mind and body control! And so too the modern media: radio, newspapers, television, emails, ezines, and now the social media. Will the list ever end? Perhaps sub-cutaneous micro chips sending info as to the whereabouts of citizenry and chips controlling the limbic system and other parts of the brain will become vogue! The failure of propagandists and cultists is due to the brain and body being processors, and as a result there will be a 10% or more who cannot be totally controlled (a large per cent of these is the testosterone-loaded male youth (and a few females--a la mode de Jean d'Arc). But what of humanity in humans? The churches controlled much of the press during the Dark and Medieval Ages--and still try to do just that. The printing press freed the written word which later became a tool of propagandists (Goebbels, the propagandists of U.S. of A., political parties, the Islamist cult propagandists and the like). Many governments openly contribute to war movies, TV programmes and social media while espousing their ideals and wishes, true or false--in some cases encouraging terrorism! Who backs whom in the present day Syrian civil war massacres openly and covertly? All is not lost. The social media as they now stand may well be the saving grace from mankind's corruption by governments, religions, spy agencies, police, media, media owners, big business, multinationals, dictatorships and the like. The salient feature of social media is truth, truth from first hand observations and feelings. Not all is good in social media however: prime ministers, police, actors, businesses, and the US of A Senate (with its perverse American Capitalist approach) have their fingers in the pie of social networking. The social media must remain free and espouse the true and truthful. It is not to be sullied by special interests for that is the same as taxing and limiting freedom of speech!

This menace penetrates all levels of society. From radio to spokespersons; from television to social media; and from advertaisers to political party hacks and sponsors. The media, at the behest of advertisers, earn money and stock profits. As slaves to the greed of sponsors, moguls of advertising and barons of monied interests are more than ready to modify morals and ethics in order to attain profits and control (American Capitalists would call control 'power'!). What is behind all these manoeuvres? One of the Biblical sins is behind it and that is greed which is encumbent in the Lizard brain or brain stem, but it is new greed which used to sway the populations at large . To sway the population to buy and invest (the plotters and schemers use as little of their own money as possible is the aim of these reptile-brained creatures. In guise of a democratic way of making a profit, these leeches get the 'little investors' to invest cash in the Stock Market in which the "powerful" have invested trillions.) their hard earned coin in big business schemes and plots; (some of which are surprisingly and totally up front)--whether those companies be involved in gas, oil, minerals, thermal energy, brilliant minds, banking, or exploiting natural resources (There is a plethora of examples.). More are entertainment; talent contests; packaging and selling stars to agents, agents selling actors to various groups, all of which is now a multi-billion dollar growth industry.

One method used by media is coercion. Here is an anecdotal example: Years ago, at Tofino on Vancouver Island, I, my lady pal, her brother with wife and three children (under 7 years of age) were holidaying at this picturesque and somewhat picaresque retreat. However, there was a TV and other amenities.

Late one morning, the children were seated around and fairly close to the TV. Totally enrapt they were when Pat, the mother, said, "Watch this." She turned the sound right down to zero. While most may be chagrinned at this, the children stayed mesmerized at the rapidly changing colours and actions of the cartoon characters and paid no attention of lost sounds.  I was amazed.   My lady pal who took her Master's Degree in Communications clued me in.

This method of using rapidly changing colours and character movement puts observers into the "Alpha" state. What is this state? It is a state that hypnotists use to inculcate suggestions into their subjects. When these subjects are in the alpha state, they are go into or are in a semi-trance, with some going into a deep state while some even fall asleep. Now, susceptible they are to suggestions.

Well those kids watching TV were unwitting candidates for suggestions by the advertisers at 'advert' breaks. But the subliminal suggestions are illegal, so the media use the 'alhpa state' "legal" method in cartoons and sports networks to lay the ground for commercials and their suggestions which may be somewhat dishonest and unethical. Now most of us know that advertising might work but major advertisers KNOW they work. Here we have audiences in an alpha state while other programmes, not only of sports and children comics, use the same technique, some not so blatantly. So,now it's time for legal advertising. The kids and sports fans are now ready for suggestive techniques, otherwise known as hypnotism. Other TV programmes, newspapers and radio use similar techniques. Recently the social media have succumbed to the pressures of American Capitalism, a style of capitalism without a social conscience, where they use mankind's need for togetherness, and the self-affirmations that individuals need. They also use this situation to subtely position advertising on the sides of social media pages. This seems to be distracting and refocuses the viewers' minds on the advertising perhaps at time subliminally. Using statistics, if there is a buyer every 10,000 viewers and the average purchase is X greenbacks, then a profit can be made. (Below a certain statistic, a profit cannot be made, and so there is an effort to alter the advertising in some way to ensure a profit after expenses. More methods are used to maximize profits.)

Further, another ploy to gain more profit is reducing the time before another advertising ploy time period is used. Negative impact is the result, the population's length of focus is dipping to near seven minutes!

While taking Military instruction techniques in the 50s, the average time of focus was about 25 or so minutes. Teachers have known this for millennia, and military Techniques of Instruction researchers came up with similar results and patterned most classroom instruction after this model. Media have now altered the populaion's time of focus from 25 minutes to 7, the pricks! Further, they have inserted more suggestions in an hour time slot. How nice that is! "Come to my parlour said the spider to the fly."

Marshall McCluhan's, "Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man" , 1966, is a must read and it gives a particularily brilliant analysis of modern media, but lacks direct comments on Social Media, but does hint of them. Also, it lacks a chapter on ways the "Lizard Brain" (read Paul D. Maclean's 1990 book The Triune Brain in Evolution; The triune brain consists of the reptilian complex (or Brain Stem), the paleomammalian complex (limbic system), and the neomammalian complex (neocortex), is viewed as structures sequentially added to the forebrain in the course of evolution of mankind IS misused, often criminally, by the controllers of many media). These two books are must reads for background to understanding media, origins of Criminality, and origins of religions.

 It seems to me and only a few others that the origins of criminality, belief in gods, and their interactions with the various media are at the very root of much of modern mankind's obtuse behaviour.

The examples of four armed police persons together killing an unarmed man, a commission chair saying, ... one policeman was acting like a maniac, and a recent riot where police were understaffed thus being unable to handle the magnitude of rioters give reasons and truth to violent behaviours invoked by the Lizard brain.

... the content of any medium is always another medium ... Marshall McLuhan.

With that in mind, let me edify.  Picture two lovers in close embrace looking deeply into each other's eyes ... they, the eyes, are a medium that the dilated pupils which are another medium, transmit 'that something' message.  In the meantime pheromones transmit more sexual messages; the caressing finger tips send more messages.  All media contain another or more messages.  These messages form a hybrid or blended message medium made up of many parts.  Subconsciously, the ethics message looms and automatically the use of condoms message is now paramount along with that undescribable urge.   One may parce any medium into its contributing other media.

 Reptilian Brain Characteristics: go to:

 When you think of your "instincts" think, reptilian brain. It's responsible for our survival related functions like: Territoriality, hierarchical structure of power, control, ownership, wars, jealousy, anger, fear, hostility, worry, stuck or frozen with fear, aggressiveness, conflict, extremist behavior, competitiveness, cold-blooded, dog-eat-dog beliefs, might is right, and survival of the fittest.

OCD, hoarding, looting, superstitions, deception, fight or flight, obesity from fear of lack of food, daily rituals, and ceremonial re-enactments are modern effects of the LIZARD brain within.

The reptilian brain overpowers the ability to have calm and rational thought. “Losing our heads.” These traits all stem from a belief of not enough or a lack mentality.

It’s all about survival when it comes to the reptilian brain. Its Emotional responses are based on the fear of not surviving. Power, status, reputation, basicallyit is the sense of self. The reptilian brain doesn’t like change or new viewpoints. That is why it seems near impossible to enact any real change as far as politics goes. The reptilian brain fears change and any real change as far as policy goes can be a real “nightmare” to get enacted--think here of the USA Senate.

In new views in science, politics, religion, education and medicine, the reptilian brain sees this as a threat and will always defend itself.

Consciousness always wins in the long run but not without taking out a few casualties.

The reptilian brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. It’s thoughts about events are just as real as the “real thing.”

Anxiety is a state caused by the reptilian brain even when nothing is happening that should cause us to feel anxious. There is a gnawing away in the belly that something “bad” is going to happen. By the way, the reptilian brain doesn’t like surprises either.

The following list, formulated by J Mazza, is how many groups use the Lizard brain to aid in the construction of their organisations.   


Education System
Police and other law enforcers

 The Social Media:

It is a given that social media is a fact.  The benefits to mankind are enormous.  Having friends seems to be an over-riding effect. Where, in early times of mankind, having friends meant 7 or 8, mostly extended family members, hunting pals and neighbour women pals.  But nowadays, most teens have over 350 internet friends, some have in the thousands.  Here, the Lizard brain is being supressed.  The 6 predications behind the success of modern man (Homo sapiens sapiens) are being exercised no end.  They are: love, care, bond, hope, walk, and talk!   Why is social media so important to the future of mankind?  It is because of the universality of an individual's friends and the six four letter words are being exercised globally!  "So what?"  One may say.  Well, with the brain chemical, dopamine, is produced while emotionally engaged in social media and because this is also a habit forming brain drug and that the people using social media are largely teens; this causes affects on genes epigenetically which means gene expression can be altered!  It is common scientific knowledge that epigenetic effects can be passed to offspring!  So this exercising of the Big Six can be emphasised and passed on to offspring.  With the gigantic use of social media, especially by teens who are prime candidates for having offspring, the world will be changed hopefully soon to one with more peace and truth!  Think of the Jesus Christ Myth as him/his being the Prince of Peace;  wow, believers may well become believers in the power of social media. 

As a result, out with the Bush mentality, out with police brutality, out with war, out with most crime, out with 'dirty tricks' in advertising and so on.  A small leap in this direction is happening and is seen globally (The out-pouring of sympathy and support for the Russian punk rockers who were protesting oppression and control [Lizard brain stuff] by the Russian officialdom for example of the strength of social media.)  Let us hope this caring and bonding behaviour of mankind will spread, become epigenetic and passed on to millions of offspring--soon of course, and it can happen.  If it were to happen, this 'age of Aquarius' may well be the preservation of mankind.  The world of man needs deep and penetrating alteration in politics and massive inculcation of ethical behaviour.  The ethical behaviour needs the Big Seven four-lettered words [love, care, bond, hope, talk, walk, and fire.] inculcated throughout society; and from epigenetic effects to gene modifications.  Epigenetic inheritance is a variation on gene expression or a phenotype change.  It may be caused by diet changes, climate variations, mating behaviours, and other non-mutation factors.  However, these errors that are not repaired in large quantities may lead to gene mutations.  These factors, once a modified gene expression, are more easily prone to becoming a lasting mutation if happening to a large enough female population mating to maintain a gene change in following generations.  Other factors influencing genetic mutations are electro-magnetic radiation (especially in children, moreso about the ages of two and on when permanent neural circuits are being formed and strengthened), solar storms, microwave tower radiations and, again , inaccurate repairing of faulty chomosomal repairing of DNA and mRNA (GAT and GAU units) sequences even the repair RNA itself. Remember an altered psyche of humankind is at hand; let us not lose this impetus.  (this is copyright, ok, plagiaristos?)  Think of a smile as a medium; think also of texting as a medium.  How many embedded other media do you see?  Some aboriginal tribes use a 'dead smile' which is only a smile without the smiling face and eyes.  It conveys to the smilee that there may be danger for the one at whom is smiled, or that the smillee is held in contempt.  The media then are the expressionless face and eyes, as well as the wide unsmiling lips stretched across the teeth. Also body language is a medium!  In the latest 'invention' of the Electric Age, the Social Media--a modern "fancy's childe", we find the social media have arm-twisted their way to the fore by re-introducing human connectedness, closer attachment to friends, humanism, the "Big Seven"; see above.  This new extension of social media have given a human face to the Electric Age (see McLuhan).



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